Client: United Airlines

Project: Print ad image showing airport on-time monitor with the twist of local Chicago destinations

Image: This turned around very quickly (1/2 day, concept to completion), and is a good example of the art imaging process. Start with a procrastinating client, add a good concept, get the layout approved, and call Kemper!



0. The client-approved layout:


1. First I set the destinations type in Illustrator:


2. Then I created a textured pattern using the leaf brush in Photoshop (this technique was taught to my by one of my 5-year-old sons, no less):


3. I then create a TV scan line pattern using my above texture by stepping & repeating a black stroke in Illustrator a gazillion times, and blurring it in photoshop to use as a mask:


4. I repeat the same technique for the type, which I've imported into Photoshop. Then I blow out and overlay the type edges so they look vaguely phosphorescent. (I spent years sitting too close to the TV as a kid, so I know what this should look like!):


5. Take a digital pic of a $99 TV. Clean it up. Shine it up. Mask it out:


6. Complete the final composition, imaging, and color work, and you get:




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