Client: Tropicana tie-in with Disney/Pixar's Monster's Inc.

Project: Create an inflatable chair premium, and plush toy premiums of Mike and Sulley for a presentation.

Image: I'm not quite sure how I did this! Frankel needed an example of a rather intricate inflatable chair they were proposing to Tropicana. I started with a Post-It-Note sketch layout, found some reference on the web for inflatable chairs, and started imaging! The image on the left shows the finished chair, complete with plastic monster "lug-ons". The center and right images show the proposed plush toy premiums sitting in the chair. You'll note Mike is now very furry - that was the Rogain filter. ;-)



Raw Images: The layout (on a Post-It, no less) A blow-up chair I Googled for reference. Disney-provided Mike and Sulley. The patterns in the chair are out of Pixar's Monster's Inc. style guide.


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